• Upload Your 3D File
    Upload Your 3D File
    We can print from various file formats. Common files would be: STL, 3DM, vtf, IGES, etc.
    If unsure, please contact us.
  • Quote and Approval
    Quote and Approval
    For a quick & simple 3D printing service, feel free to upload your 3D (CAD) files and we will reply to with a quote.
    Our aim is to respond within an hour.
  • Wax Model Printing
    Wax Model Printing
    The wax models generated out of your CAD files are produced with smooth surface quality and extra fine detail and precision. Models are optimised for direct casting and/or moulding.
  • Delivery
    When placing an order with us, you're given the choice of a delivery address. We can post parts to you or to a third party such as a casting service.

Creative Production

PRECISION WAX have been assisting designers and product developers with creative production solutions since we opened our doors in 2005.

High Quality

We provide a high quality and competitively priced service for 3D printing, with extremely fast turnaround times.

3D Wax experts

We have the expertise to help “bring your design to life” in 3D wax format, moving them in the manufacturing process as they become finished articles.